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8 Pure Gel colecciones that you don't want to miss out on!

Actualizado: 20 de feb de 2019

We want to introduce you to our new PUREGEL collection! A semi permanent nail polish system developed with top of the line technology. Created with our original formula without solvents, and patented technology.

This line is a three step process that offers long lasting use, up to 21 days leaving an intense color and an incredible shine. PUREGEL is quickly curated with a LED or UV lamp, making the color in your nails last for weeks.

The eight Pure Gel collections are very catchy to the eye and elegant at the same time. The following have a common denominator: Reach perfection

them below.

Everyone will be asking what polish you have on your nails, and the answer cannot be other than "PureGEl" of course! this elegant range of tones between red and pink is the most chic of the city.

This delicate line of creamy whites with a soft shine of pink champagne will always be worthy of the cover of the best magazines.

A soft collection will put the world to your hands. You won't even have to ask.

Fresh news: This fun line of colors is a glamorous bomb and it will assure you the spotlight in any occasion! without a doubt you will be the head of fashion trends.

Inspired in the elegance with soft colors that are the same time are strong enough to make a statement... and rumors have it that with this collection you will always be the center of attention.

With this variety of bright colors for your nails you will be seen wherever you go. With a touch of orange and yellow you will have the ideal colors to rock in any place.

Besides irresistible these colors are perfect for the winter season.

The most elegant for last! These range of elegant and shiny colors is perfect for a night out in the city!

Besides the irresistible colors of the eight collections above mentioned, we bring you the new matte top coat with a technology designed to bring you a perfect finish, giving your nails the glamour of matte colors. Because like you know, PUREGEL is the line of nail polish with a perfect finish in three easy steps, so try our new colors and dress your nails with the new shades.


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